We will provide Norwegian and international industry with all forms of transport, storage and logistics solutions, worldwide.

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Our philosophy

Using our international network and our staff’s high knowledge, we will give our customers with the very best advice and we will find optimal transport solutions to and from any country.

Costs will always be in accordance with customer requirements.
We will participate in projects from planning to completion, electrical, mechanical, packaging, protection, customs procedures and documentation, bureaucracy and local challenges, and ensure that our clients win contracts using smart solutions.
Through presence and quick response, we will ensure that our clients’ customers receive their greatest expectations fulfilled

From our location, we will offer shipping companies and International freight forwarders a type of service they are not able to offer their customers from their own plants.


More and more of international business is about production or assembly in a third country.
We have specialized in this type of logistics service. As a member of the network Cross Trades we are one of several hundred companies that specialize in this type of industry.
We ship by truck, ship and airfreight to and from most countries in the world.
Our suppliers and partners keep lines open 24/7.
This is what we call “Cross Trade Service”.